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           8TH ANNUAL          CARE BAG DRIVE


The Care Bag drive derived from the alarming statistics about youth exiting the foster care system. In 2015, an estimated 22,00 youth aged out of foster care without being placed in a permanent home. Twenty-five percent of these youth will be homeless within 2–5 years of leaving foster care.

In our Care Bags, we provide toiletries and other items such as hand warms, gloves, scarfs, etc. that would help homeless youth get through the winter months.

Sponsor a bag for $35 today!


This year we are planning to distribute 600 bags across New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Philadelphia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Los Angles.

Make a donation to help fill a care bag. (*The average cost to sponsor a Care Bag is $35)                                                                      

Please make all final contributions by December 9th.  Care Bags will be delivered the week of December 11th. 

Care Bag Drive : In the Press
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